Mechanical Contracting

When Your Project Is On The Line, You Can Count On Our Experience


The Mueller & Wilson reputation for meeting building owners’ needs is built on decades of experience in the mechanical contracting business. Whether your project is a single-story office building or a multi-story hotel, we have the know-how, technology, and skilled personnel to complete all phases of your HVAC and plumbing installations. And because we’ve been doing it for so long, we’ll finish on time and on budget.

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From project inception to final inspection, your project receives the attention of top management. Weekly job status meetings and project review sessions assure the job is kept on schedule. At the same time, quality control, safety, and compliance with government regulations are also reviewed.

Project managers establish a projected time and cost completion schedule, then work closely with all parties to coordinate the entire installation process. Detailed job cost records and a consolidated labor account summary keep the project manager informed about the progress of your project.

Every job has its share of unexpected obstacles, but our experienced personnel have learned to take these in stride, solve them quickly, and keep your project on course.

With Mueller & Wilson working for you, you can be sure that your project, from the basement to the cooling towers, will benefit from a standard of quality and craftsmanship that not only meets your specifications, but exceeds your expectations.

Because of our excellent reputation and extensive experience, building owners with unusual requirements know they can count on Mueller & Wilson to get the job done right.

  • Botanical Center greenhouses - Specialty environmental controls and humidification
  • San Antonio Express-News - Liebert system for precision equipment environment
  • Humana Metropolitan Hospital - Surgical suites
  • Kelly AFB - Jet engine test call

Our Commitment Is To Give You Total Satisfaction

With a sheet metal production facility that rivals any in South Texas, Mueller & Wilson produces conventional and specialty duct systems, piping assemblies and sub-assemblies, and even specialty items such as architectural metal accents. Since we’re not dependent on third-party products, we assure consistent quality, lower cost, and prompt delivery to the jobsite for rapid installation.


When your building is completed, Mueller & Wilson doesn’t walk away from the job. In addition to providing warranty service for the systems we install, we also offer a variety of service and maintenance contracts to keep them running at peak efficiency.


No matter how complex or specialized your system requirements are, Mueller & Wilson has the capabilities to complete the project. The installation shown at the left is one such example.

Mueller & Wilson installed the Liebert units and ductwork system at the San Antonio Express-News, where large, computerized presses must operate in a controlled environment. The Liebert units maintain constant temperature and humidity, and also filter out paper dust, ink fumes, and ink overspray from the interior environment.

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