Custom Sheetmetal Fabrication

Technology And Experience... Working For You


What was once a basic HVAC shop turning out conventional ductwork is now a sophisticated full-line metals fabricating facility—perhaps the finest such plant in the southwestern United States. Here, we turn out a variety of competitively-priced products, including materials for highly specialized technical, scientific, and medical applications.


The advanced technology we utilize is complemented by our highly skilled employees. Our experienced sales personnel do more than just take orders. They are qualified to assist you with product design, and are always responsive to special needs and crisis situations.

Manual drafting is available for jobs requiring a quick sketch for production. At the customer’s discretion, we will price work from contract drawings or cut tickets. If required, total production and erection drawings can be prepared and included in a fabrication quote.


To streamline the design process, CAD drawings can be accessed through our FTP site, or smaller drawings may be e-mailed as attachments. We expedite project coordination by utilizing e-mail to reduce meeting time.

For large-scale jobs, our extensive CAD drafting facilities enable us to download information from a fabrication drawing straight to computerized plasma arc cutting tables on the shop floor. This technological leap saves valuable time and expense spent in manual layout and data entry.


Mueller & Wilson has fabricated jobs as small as a single computer terminal cover and as large as 1,400,000 pounds of ductwork, bracing, and liner. We have built our business on quality, cost efficiency, and customer satisfaction; and we are ready to provide any level of fabrication required.

From The Plant To The Job Site, We Bring Cost Savings To You


State-of-the-art technology and years of metal working experience give us the flexibility to deliver high product volume within consistent tolerances. Drill presses, turret punches, iron working machines, heavy gauge shears and high capacity, high precision brakes give Mueller & Wilson unique capabilities beyond those of most sheet metal shops.


Your ductwork project will benefit from the economies of scale that result from our coil line fabrication. Metal is unrolled from large coils which are loaded by crane onto cradles; edgeforming equipment rolls and shapes the edges; insulation is glued on and pin-spotted; and finally the brake forms the metal into an L-shape—ready for easy assembly in the field. One machine handles all these functions automatically, without the need for manual intervention. This fabrication method assures precision throughout the job, eliminates waste, and provides an exceptional degree of cost-effectiveness.

You can be assured of receiving a reliable product within your deadlines... and always within budget. Our consistent quality reduces delays and labor costs at your jobsite, too.


Not restricted to sheet metal, our fabrication facility also produces specialty duct systems such as welded stainless and Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) duct. For example, a fabrication project for Motorola, Inc., an integrated circuit production facility in Austin, required a combination of mirror polished stainless steel and FRP ductwork. We routinely produce such specialty items as mirror-polished architectural metal accents, brushed aluminum sign letters, and custom structural components.

Innovative Solutions Crafted In Metal

Many bioscience and other high-tech facilities require sophisticated, specialty duct systems. Mueller & Wilson engineers will work closely with you to design a system that meets your specialized requirements and can be manufactured efficiently. Our equipment and experience give us unique capabilities you just won’t find in most sheet metal shops. Custom structural components and mirror-polished architectural metal accents are just some of the specialty items our customers ask for.

Sematech Consortium

Integrated Circuit Research Facility
Austin, Texas
Total poundage – 350,000

Merck & Co.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility
Elkton, Virginia
Total poundage – 86,000

Melvin Simon & Associates

St. Charles Regional Shopping Mall
Waldorf, Maryland
Total poundage – 310,000

U.S. Air Force

Dining Hall Renovation
Lajes Field, Azores, Portugal
Total poundage – 22,000

St. Joseph Hospital Corp.

Hospital Rehabilitation and Addition
Bryan, Texas
Total poundage – 220,000

Motorola, Inc.

ULSI/MOS13 Integrated Circuit Production Facility
Austin, Texas
Total poundage – 1,400,000

VLSI Technologies, Inc.

Integrated Circuit Production Facility
San Antonio, Texas
Total poundage – 450,000