Mechanical Systems Maintenance

From Maintenance Contracts To Emergency Repairs, We Keep Your System Running At Peak Efficiency


Mueller & Wilson performs all warranty work on systems we install. In addition, our service technicians are qualified to install, maintain, and repair a wide variety of environmental systems, including:

Commercial VAV Systems Water and Steam Boilers Commercial and Residential Plumbing Commercial Chillers Medical Gas Systems Built Up Air Handler Systems Rooftop Units Cooling Towers Fuel Gas Systems Backflow Prevention Devices Water Heaters Dust Collection Systems Vacuum Systems


Mueller & Wilson offers a variety of contract services, ranging from seasonal checkups to fully-customized total maintenance programs to keep your HVAC system running longer and operating at peak efficiency.

Our experienced service technicians are trained in all aspects of system maintenance, and can detect and correct many problems long before they become costly or dangerous.


Annual Gas Inspection/Certification
Annual Backflow Prevention Device Inspection/Certification
Mechanical System Audit and Report


Existing buildings should periodically undergo a test and re-balance to maximize system performance. Hidden mechanical problems in complex VAV systems can cause temperature and circulation problems throughout a floor or an entire building. Some systems allow specific areas or zones to be balanced without requiring a complete re-balance.

Mueller & Wilson has been a National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB) Air and Hydronic certified contractor since 1973. Our specially-trained staff is familiar with the special concerns of air and hydronic balancing. We maintain all instrumentation and tools according to NEBB requirements.

Prompt and efficient customer service, thoroughly trained technicians, and an unswerving commitment to customer satisfaction make Mueller & Wilson the preferred choice for all your mechanical systems service needs.